To protect your practice:

You need to understand the risks to the privacy of the patient information in your care. It’s the only way to establish and maintain effective protocols to keep you, your clinic, and your patients safe and secure.


Brightsquid is a leading provider of compliant clinic communication and privacy consulting for healthcare with decades of experience interpreting privacy regulations and recognized expertise developing breach mitigation plans for clinics and organizations across healthcare.


Why privacy compliance matters:


  • Over 90% of patients state that it is important that their privacy is protected by the clinics they visit


  • Researchers predict cyber attacks will increase 81% in 2019


  • Healthcare is the industry most targeted by ransomware attacks


  • The average cost of breach recovery is $408/patient record


  • 56% of “threat actors” in healthcare are internal


What people are saying about Brightsquid Privacy Support:


“I really appreciate the real world solutions on how to be compliant."

- Clinic Manager

“Well worth 15 minutes. With all the fines I’m seeing, it could save your clinic.”

- Clinician



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